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Team Performance Essentials

Performance management is an essential part of running a successful business. There needs to be structure but we are dealing with people and knowing how to make the workplace effective, honest and fun is a major task. Get this right and so many problems will be fixed.

Learn how the right structure makes things easy. Give effective feedback to your staff based on clear expectations and how to handle difficult situations. < Find Out More >

Leadership and Management - The Good and Bad

What is good leadership and what is bad? How is leadership different from management? Learn the 5 Rules of Management. We explore the characteristics and techniques of both and look at some real leaders who have made a difference one way or another. Get some survival tips.

Why and How Do People Buy?

Explore the deeper aspects of buying products and services from your customers perspective. How well do you and your customers match? Value equations, wants, and women and men. A complex and exciting area of business that will get you and your staff thinking.

Leading and Managing Change

he capability of bringing about change in business systems, processes and relationships is a vital competitive advantage for any organisation. Participants will have a clear understanding of the important elements in successful change management, how it relates to their situation and some actions to carry into the workplace. < Find Out More >

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