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We believe that education is a critical activity for all businesses and in many cases it make the difference between you and your competitor. What you and your staff know is an vital ingredient in your business growth and success.

Everything we do to help your business is based in education. We invest our knowledge in your business to make you stronger and better than before.


How We Do It


We think that education needs to be delivered in your business with the whole team participating. When you send staff away to courses they learn a lot during the course but when they get back to work the context is different. The things they learned may not seem to apply as easily.


Education delivered in your business is retained more effectively. In off-site courses there is usually a delay between the learning and the return to work. During this time knowledge is lost. The little things that seemed important a few days before have faded from memory.


We like everyone to be present for the education session. The whole team learns together, then agrees on an outcome and specific changes. Its hard for one or two team members to go to external learning and get their colleagues to agree to change when they get back.


When you need your staff skills lifted you need it now....not in 3 months time when the next course is available. We will deliver the specific knowledge you need when you need it. You will only wait as long as it takes us to get there. If you would like us to come at the end of the day with pizza and drinks we will be there. We can work with small teams and individuals, or get everyone together for the whole day. Just let us know what you need.


We will discuss your specific needs before we deliver so that everything is tailored and relevant to your situation.

Follow Up

Whilst education is very valuable it is wasted unless it produces change. All our education sessions include agreed outcomes and specified changes for your business. We make sure we follow up with visits or other contact to support you and your staff in the change process.


We try hard to ensure our education is very affordable. Specific costs can vary but we would be pleased to discuss your needs and give you a specific price for your situation. Just drop us a line and we will call you for a chat about how we can help.

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